I’m a native Miamian – I know what you’re thinking: “Those people really exist?” Yep, we sure do! As such, I may or may not be considered a native Floridian. That all depends on whether or not you consider Miami a foreign country. Though born in Miami, I grew up in North Carolina as a child, lived on a sailboat my parents built, and moved back to Miami as a pre-teen. I lived in Miami for 19 years before moving to sleepy Ocala. Ten years later I landed in the Tampa area. I’ve also lived briefly in the Keys and in Orlando.

My full time occupation(s) as single mother and Realtor give me a lot of experiences to draw from when writing this blog. Through Wander Florida, I hope to bring you general tips for traveling, beautiful photos of my home state, and out of the way places (or popular ones) to include in your travels.

Please feel free to comment on the blog posts, share your experiences, and recommend great places in Florida. Also, join the email list or RSS feed to get all the latest posts when they happen. Together we can share and enjoy all the beauty and uniqueness old (and new) Florida has to offer.

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