5 of the best blogs of January 2018

New in 2018, I’m adding this feature which others have used for years, but I was never organized to get around to. Actually, I also never really read that many other blogs to be able to give my opinion of the best blogs I had read the previous month. In promoting my blog, however, I’ve read a lot of others in many different niches. Many of those I’ve enjoyed a great deal. My favorite blogs in January are not only the best travel blogs I’ve come across. These are the best blogs, period, in any niche. Though it’s true most could be considered best travel blogs, they don’t all deal with travel so I’m calling this simply the best blogs I’ve read in January 2018.

Please do let me know what you think of these and be sure to drop a little love on their sites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and if you know of a blog I should consider in February, please let me know on the Contact Me page! Until next time…

Happy reading and keep on wandering!

Kitchen Staples You Can Use for Beauty Treatments

Didn’t I tell you they wouldn’t all be travel-related? I love the many options Joan offers in this blog post. From apple cider vinegar to coffee to mayonnaise, she provides simply treatments and instructions that we all can find not only useful but also interesting. I mean, mayonnaise for sunburn? Who knew? Or baking soda as a deodorant?

All of the kitchen staples listed can be found in your typical pantry or refrigerator. I know I have most of them in my own kitchen, and since reading this list, I’ve tried a few of the treatments. For instance, I have terribly heel cracks, probably from living in Florida, aka, living in flip flops. The coconut oil and turmeric treatment really does help, even if it does leave your feet a teensy bit on the yellow side. Head over to JoCajic to read the whole article.

Kitchen staples as beauty treatments, one of the best blogs of January 2018, include garlic, turmeric, coffee, olive oil, and lemons.
Kitchen staples as beauty treatments, one of the best blogs of January 2018, include garlic, turmeric, coffee, olive oil, and lemons.

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Saving Jibhi – One cleanup at a time

I’m a huge fan of cleaning up the environment. When I go kayaking to my happy place, I take plastic gloves and trash bags and spend a little time cleaning up the beach. It’s amazing how much junk goes into our seas. I’ve also had some good finds out there, like my kayaking hat and my sidekick, Barnacle Bob.

What I love about Saving Jibhi is the connection to place from these backpackers, how they strive to clean up their environment, but more importantly, to teach the community why cleaning up the environment is so important. Many of us can’t fathom not understanding this concept, but it isn’t something that a third-world village necessarily thinks about, especially in the early years of a tourism boom. One of the things I found interesting was the villagers reason for not asking tourists to clean up after themselves – they thought this act would cause the tourists to not return. The lesson here – communication is key. The cleanup volunteers did a great job, not only in cleaning up the village and surrounding lands but also in communicating to the villagers why it’s important and how to ask tourists to clean up after themselves. Read more at Unorganized Chaos.


Island Girl’s Guide: St. Vincent and the Grenadines Itinerary

Any time I can take a trip to the Caribbean, virtual or in real life, I’m a happy camper. Especially in the winter, a winter like this one which has been the coldest in 10 years. I know, I know, “But, Cris, it’s Florida. How cold can it really be?” For this Florida girl, way too cold.

What I love about this blog post is the in-depth, day by day itinerary. It’s complete and an excellent guide that explains why she chose each of the activities listed. It’s like having a virtual tour guide! Plus, the photos are gorgeous, and unlike Pinterest, I love to see people in photos, particularly the writer of the blog while having fun doing bloggy things. While you’re over there checking out this itinerary, be sure to look through the photo gallery for this trip. More gorgeous photos that you definitely don’t want to miss! You can read the entire itinerary and view all the photos at Island Girl in Transit.

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How to Drink from any Water Source in the World

I haven’t had the chance to travel as extensively as Tim over at Universal Traveller. Certainly I haven’t spent a lot of time in places where the water is as questionable as in some parts of Africa. I enjoyed reading, and learning about, the Water To Go bottle and how it works as well as seeing the pictures. It’s amazing the advances we’ve made in purifying water to make it accessible and drinkable. Water is, after all, the most important thing we can put in our bodies besides air. And the most necessary.

There are many water bottles to choose from out there, but when your health and well-being count on the bottle, it’s great to have a good review to rely on. The great thing about picking up a purifying water bottle like this one is that it can be useful pretty much anywhere. Camping in the US. No problem. Going to Mexico for Spring Break? Bring this bottle and you’re sure to have exceptional water. Head over to Universal Traveller to learn more about this great product.

Guided Tours or Free-and-Easy Style of Traveling?

This seems to an age-old question among travelers. Long-term travelers, nomads, and those who travel often seem to prefer the free-and-easy style. Once-a-year vacationers (not all, of course) often go for the guided tours, the all-inclusive. Neither is better than the other, just different.

Personally, I prefer the free-and-easy style, but some places don’t lend themselves to that sort of travel. When I took my son on his first long cruise, we traveled free-and-easy in Cozumel and saw an amazing cenote that is unique in the world. We saw Grand Cayman the same way. However, in Belize and Roatan we took guided tours, primarily for our safety and because there simply wasn’t anything worth seeing within walking distance of the ports. Claire at Dream 2 Travel It offers a good perspective on whether to go guided or not.

Sailboat masts against a blue sky with clouds
Sailing is a popular shore excursion from cruise ships, mode of transportation among the islands, or all-inclusive getaway for a little adventure.


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