Cruising includes most meals and several ports of call, a great way to maximize your travel exposure without packing and unpacking the bags.

This cruise article roundup pulls together the best of my articles for cruising tips and tricks, cruise insurance, cruise tips on pricing, and how to find great deals. Read more about why you should consider a cruise, what’s not included in the price, whether or not to purchase cruise insurance, and more.

Top 10 Reasons to Book a Cruise

Cruises have become one of the most popular vacations the world over.  Luxury ships become floating all-inclusive resorts taking passengers to the tropical beauty of the Caribbean, the frosty frontiers in Alaska, the golden sun of the Mediterranean or across oceans to countless other adventures.  Whether your vacation will last a weekend or several weeks, there is a cruise for you.  If you haven’t considered cruising yet, here are the top 10 reasons to put one on your bucket list. Continue reading for more cruising tips and tricks.

Cruising Tips and Tricks – What’s Not Included in the Price

You have booked your dream cruise vacation.  You have memorized the brochures and know what shipboard activities you will enjoy, which shows you want to watch, and what shore excursions appear the most fun.  Glittery seas, sparkling sun and the adventure of a lifetime await.  You have thought of everything.
Or have you?  The price of the cruise will include many things – the cabin, meals, port charges, entertainment and the fuel surcharge if your cruise line charges one – but do you know what is not included? Continue reading.

Cruising Tips and Tricks – Travel Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

You have leafed through the cruise brochures, browsed the cruise line and travel websites, decided where you want to go and what you want to do.  You have just booked your cruise, and paid for it.  Now you have to decide whether or not to purchase travel insurance.  The short answer, and the answer most travel agents and cruise lines will give you, is yes.  The long answer is maybe.  Continue reading for more cruise tips about cruise travel insurance.

How to Get Great Deals on Alaska Cruises

An Alaskan cruise is the vacation of a lifetime. It brings many people into the folds of true Alaska for the first time. An Alaskan cruise exposes passengers to the amazing beauty of Alaska, its diverse wildlife and unique culture. Most people believe that an Alaskan cruise is quite expensive and, depending on your choices, they are correct. There are several ways, however, that vacationers can cut their expenses and find great deals. Continue reading.

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